Apr 28, 2016

MSB Episode 48: MSB LIVE!


Our first attempt at using Facebook to make an MSB: LIVE episode. Now you can catch us on Facebook OR download as usual on PodBean and iTunes! We love you guys so much!


Apr 21, 2016

MSB Episode 47: MFAs go to DCA!


SPECIAL GUESTS Randall Eames and Liv Stevns Petersen join us on the show this week to chat about our recent class trip to DCA that involved bounding, first timers, food and wine festival, and a special surprise coffee.  No trivia today, but we will be back at guessing answers to obvious Disney questions next week!

Apr 17, 2016

MSB Episode 46: Willy’s Scavenger Hunt and The Burger Stand Bonanza


In this weeks episode, we have special guest Derrick Jaques recounting his latest trip to DCA and his scavenger hunt with cast member Willy.  Also, Kikau and Jacob are obsessed with the new Magic Kingdoms game. Find out why its a burger stand bonanza.  


Apr 7, 2016

MSB Episode 45: Potions and Gems



MSB Episode 45: Potions and Gems. Kikau and Jacob chat about their latest obsession; a brand new app called  'Disney's Magic Kingdoms" and a recent evening trip to the parks. You will literally lose your hat over this episode! Thank you for listening, liking, and loving!